Jessica Ailani

Academic History

Jessica Ailani, MD, is a Clinical Professor of Neurology at Georgetown University Hospital and Director of the Georgetown Headache Center, Washington, DC. She specializes in the management and treatment of complex and chronic headache.

Dr Ailani completed her medical degree at SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine, New York, NY, before undertaking a residency at New York University. Dr Ailani subsequently completed a fellowship in Headache Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. She is currently part of the membership committee at the American Headache Society and Ad-hoc committee on Conflicts of Interest. Dr Ailani has roles as Section Editor and reviewer for several professional journals. She is a globally recognized expert in headache medicine, regularly presenting nationally and internationally.

Speaking on management of headache disorders

Dr Ailani’s research is focused on investigations into novel pharmacological agents as well as lifestyle interventions and optimal management techniques. providing therapeutically treatment in the field of headache medicine. She has been involved in many major trials of investigational agents for the treatment of migraine, with much of her recent work focused on novel calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP)-targeted therapies for the acute and preventive treatment of migraine.